0.1.4 [UNRELEASED DRAFT] (2024-06-14)


  • Integrate pyromod patches into the project (many thanks to @usernein for his excellent work). To check out the pyromod specific features, have a look at You can use the features in the same way as in pyromod, except that you import them directly from the hydrogram package. #1

  • Changed the minimum required version of Python to 3.9 and integrated the newest Python type hints. #5

  • Added the attribute is_participants_hidden to the Chat type. If the list of members is hidden, True will be returned; otherwise, False will be returned. #11

  • Added the from __future__ import annotations statement to the codebase in order to simplify the usage of the typing module. This statement allows for the use of forward references in type hints, which can improve code readability and maintainability. #24


  • Fixed Message.is_scheduled field being always False when parsing UpdateNewScheduledMessage #14

  • Fixed an issue with the bool parsing of the raw api that was causing the wrong value to be returned. #20

  • Make the quiz explanation an optional parameter #21


  • Make Message._parse accept only keyword-only arguments #14

  • Added if TYPE_CHECKING to import modules for type checking only when needed. This flag avoids importing modules that are not needed for runtime execution. This change reduces the number of imports in the module and improves the performance of the code. #24

0.1.4 (2023-12-04)


  • Fix a boolean instead of file name in send_audio #4

  • Prevent from closing BytesIO object in handle_download #4

0.1.3 (2023-12-03)


  • Fix handle_download file name #3

0.1.2 (2023-12-03)


  • Fix save_file reporting size as 0

0.1.1 (2023-12-01)

Fixup release that fixes our logo url in PyPI.

0.1.0 (2023-12-01)

Initial project release. To see all changes and improvements compared to Pyrogram, see Hydrogram vs Pyrogram