async Client.update_profile()

Update your profile details such as first name, last name and bio.

You can omit the parameters you don’t want to change.

Usable by Users Bots
  • first_name (str, optional) – The new first name.

  • last_name (str, optional) – The new last name. Pass “” (empty string) to remove it.

  • bio (str, optional) – The new bio, also known as “about”. Max 70 characters. Pass “” (empty string) to remove it.


bool – True on success.


# Update your first name only
await app.update_profile(first_name="Hydrogram")

# Update first name and bio
await app.update_profile(first_name="Hydrogram", bio="https://docs.hydrogram.org/")

# Remove the last name
await app.update_profile(last_name="")