class hydrogram.types.ChatMember[source]

Contains information about one member of a chat.

  • status (ChatMemberStatus) – The member’s status in the chat.

  • user (User, optional) – Information about the user.

  • chat (Chat, optional) – Information about the chat (useful in case of banned channel senders).

  • joined_date (datetime, optional) – Date when the user joined. Not available for the owner.

  • custom_title (str, optional) – A custom title that will be shown to all members instead of “Owner” or “Admin”. Creator (owner) and administrators only. Can be None in case there’s no custom title set.

  • until_date (datetime, optional) – Restricted and banned only. Date when restrictions will be lifted for this user.

  • invited_by (User, optional) – Administrators and self member only. Information about the user who invited this member. In case the user joined by himself this will be the same as “user”.

  • promoted_by (User, optional) – Administrators only. Information about the user who promoted this member as administrator.

  • restricted_by (User, optional) – Restricted and banned only. Information about the user who restricted or banned this member.

  • is_member (bool, optional) – Restricted only. True, if the user is a member of the chat at the moment of the request.

  • can_be_edited (bool, optional) – True, if the you are allowed to edit administrator privileges of the user.

  • permissions (ChatPermissions, optional) – Restricted only. Restricted actions that a non-administrator user is allowed to take.

  • privileges (ChatPrivileges, optional) – Administrators only. Privileged actions that an administrator is able to take.