async Client.set_bot_commands()

Set the list of the bot’s commands. The commands passed will overwrite any command set previously. This method can be used by the own bot only.

Usable by Users Bots
  • commands (List of BotCommand) – A list of bot commands. At most 100 commands can be specified.

  • scope (BotCommandScope, optional) – An object describing the scope of users for which the commands are relevant. Defaults to BotCommandScopeDefault.

  • language_code (str, optional) – A two-letter ISO 639-1 language code. If empty, commands will be applied to all users from the given scope, for whose language there are no dedicated commands.


bool – On success, True is returned.


from hydrogram.types import BotCommand

# Set new commands
await app.set_bot_commands([
    BotCommand("start", "Start the bot"),
    BotCommand("settings", "Bot settings"),