class hydrogram.enums.MessageServiceType[source]

Message service type enumeration used in Message.

NEW_CHAT_MEMBERS = 'new_chat_members'

New members join

LEFT_CHAT_MEMBERS = 'left_chat_members'

Left chat members

NEW_CHAT_TITLE = 'new_chat_title'

New chat title

NEW_CHAT_PHOTO = 'new_chat_photo'

New chat photo

DELETE_CHAT_PHOTO = 'delete_chat_photo'

Deleted chat photo

GROUP_CHAT_CREATED = 'group_chat_created'

Group chat created

CHANNEL_CHAT_CREATED = 'channel_chat_created'

Channel chat created

MIGRATE_TO_CHAT_ID = 'migrate_to_chat_id'

Migrated to chat id

MIGRATE_FROM_CHAT_ID = 'migrate_from_chat_id'

Migrated from chat id

PINNED_MESSAGE = 'pinned_message'

Pinned message

GAME_HIGH_SCORE = 'game_high_score'

Game high score

FORUM_TOPIC_CREATED = 'forum_topic_created'

a new forum topic created in the chat

FORUM_TOPIC_CLOSED = 'forum_topic_closed'

a new forum topic closed in the chat

FORUM_TOPIC_REOPENED = 'forum_topic_reopened'

a new forum topic reopened in the chat

FORUM_TOPIC_EDITED = 'forum_topic_edited'

a new forum topic renamed in the chat

GENERAL_TOPIC_HIDDEN = 'general_topic_hidden'

a forum general topic hidden in the chat

GENERAL_TOPIC_UNHIDDEN = 'general_topic_unhidden'

a forum general topic unhidden in the chat

VIDEO_CHAT_STARTED = 'video_chat_started'

Video chat started

VIDEO_CHAT_ENDED = 'video_chat_ended'

Video chat ended

VIDEO_CHAT_SCHEDULED = 'video_chat_scheduled'

Video chat scheduled

VIDEO_CHAT_MEMBERS_INVITED = 'video_chat_members_invited'

Video chat members invited

WEB_APP_DATA = 'web_app_data'

Web app data