async CallbackQuery.answer()[source]

Bound method answer of CallbackQuery.

Use this method as a shortcut for:

await client.answer_callback_query(, text="Hello", show_alert=True)


await callback_query.answer("Hello", show_alert=True)
  • text (str, optional) – Text of the notification. If not specified, nothing will be shown to the user, 0-200 characters.

  • show_alert (bool optional) – If true, an alert will be shown by the client instead of a notification at the top of the chat screen. Defaults to False.

  • url (str optional) – URL that will be opened by the user’s client. If you have created a Game and accepted the conditions via @Botfather, specify the URL that opens your game – note that this will only work if the query comes from a callback_game button. Otherwise, you may use links like that open your bot with a parameter.

  • cache_time (int optional) – The maximum amount of time in seconds that the result of the callback query may be cached client-side. Telegram apps will support caching starting in version 3.14. Defaults to 0.