async Message.edit_text()[source]

Bound method edit_text of Message.

An alias exists as edit.

Use as a shortcut for:

await client.edit_message_text(,, text="hello"


await message.edit_text("hello")
  • text (str) – New text of the message.

  • parse_mode (ParseMode, optional) – By default, texts are parsed using both Markdown and HTML styles. You can combine both syntaxes together.

  • entities (List of MessageEntity) – List of special entities that appear in message text, which can be specified instead of parse_mode.

  • disable_web_page_preview (bool, optional) – Disables link previews for links in this message.

  • reply_markup (InlineKeyboardMarkup, optional) – An InlineKeyboardMarkup object.


On success, the edited Message is returned.


RPCError – In case of a Telegram RPC error.