class hydrogram.types.InputMediaAnimation[source]

An animation file (GIF or H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video without sound) to be sent inside an album.

  • media (str | BinaryIO) – Animation to send. Pass a file_id as string to send a file that exists on the Telegram servers or pass a file path as string to upload a new file that exists on your local machine or pass a binary file-like object with its attribute “.name” set for in-memory uploads or pass an HTTP URL as a string for Telegram to get an animation from the Internet.

  • thumb (str | BinaryIO, optional) – Thumbnail of the animation file sent. The thumbnail should be in JPEG format and less than 200 KB in size. A thumbnail’s width and height should not exceed 320 pixels. Thumbnails can’t be reused and can be only uploaded as a new file.

  • caption (str, optional) – Caption of the animation to be sent, 0-1024 characters. If not specified, the original caption is kept. Pass “” (empty string) to remove the caption.

  • parse_mode (ParseMode, optional) – By default, texts are parsed using both Markdown and HTML styles. You can combine both syntaxes together.

  • caption_entities (List of MessageEntity) – List of special entities that appear in the caption, which can be specified instead of parse_mode.

  • width (int, optional) – Animation width.

  • height (int, optional) – Animation height.

  • duration (int, optional) – Animation duration.

  • has_spoiler (bool, optional) – Pass True if the photo needs to be covered with a spoiler animation.