async Client.edit_inline_text()

Edit the text of inline messages.

Usable by Users Bots
  • inline_message_id (str) – Identifier of the inline message.

  • text (str) – New text of the message.

  • parse_mode (ParseMode, optional) – By default, texts are parsed using both Markdown and HTML styles. You can combine both syntaxes together.

  • disable_web_page_preview (bool, optional) – Disables link previews for links in this message.

  • reply_markup (InlineKeyboardMarkup, optional) – An InlineKeyboardMarkup object.


bool – On success, True is returned.


# Bots only

# Simple edit text
await app.edit_inline_text(inline_message_id, "new text")

# Take the same text message, remove the web page preview only
await app.edit_inline_text(inline_message_id, message.text, disable_web_page_preview=True)